New Meeting Room at Shefford Lower School

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

The construction of a new meeting room has recently been completed at Shefford Lower School in Bedfordshire.

PCMS helped to overcome a number of design and sequencing challenges at the outset to ensure that the project ran smoothly. Despite the school having been extended a few years ago, previous meeting space had been turned into an IT suite there were limited options for building elsewhere on the school site.

The solution was to infill some ‘dead space’ in a small courtyard area. A set of doors and a window were re-used, and building materials such as bricks and roof tiles were carefully matched with the existing school to achieve a seamless appearance with the new extension.

Best of all, in order to minimise disruption PCMS carefully programmed the construction works to coincide with school holidays. So re-siting of the door, window and path was carried out during the Autumn ½ term holiday, following by digging of the foundations in February and finally the walls, roof and interior fit-out were completed during the Easter break.

The School is very pleased with the finished result. Headteacher Tracey Callender said: “PCMS were on hand to offer reliable advice and expertise from the initial stages and throughout the project, and I would certainly use PCMS again for any similar work at the school.”