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Clapham Pre-School

Friday, December 9th, 2011

PCMS has recently completed a very rewarding project in Bedfordshire for Clapham Pre-School. The Pre-School had been based in a modular unit for many years, and the facilities Рboth outside and in Рwere deteriorating. The Pre-School Committee decided to seek funding to build a permanent home; through a combination of grants and fund-raising, they raised enough money to construct a new building.

Luckily, there was space on the mixed use site to begin construction whilst the children continued to attend pre-school in the modular unit next door. We designed a striking building, with white rendered walls and an integral canopy with powder coated steel supports, and an unusual sloping roof. The light and airy inside spaces are painted in bright modern colours, and the immediate grounds have been turfed to create a really practical and pleasant outside area for the children and staff.

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