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Update on Summer Projects

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

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For many people, the summer holidays are now well underway. Where school construction projects are concerned however, this is a very busy time and we are actively involved in the management of several educational schemes at the moment. Schools and academies are naturally keen to complete the bulk of messy and noisy construction works during the school holidays wherever possible.

This summer, we are undertaking the contract administration for an extension and external works at an academy in Henlow, the construction of a new pre-school building in Caddington just outside Dunstable, an extension to and internal reconfiguration of a private nursery and a new free-standing classroom block at a High School in Luton. We are also progressing several other projects through the planning and procurement stages for schools.

With even small projects taking between nine and twelve months from first concept to completion, it is worth starting the process early.