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New Technology

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

As the world of technology moves at a fast pace, we strive to stay ahead. We have for many months now being using a Matterport camera. The technology is not dissimilar to google streetview, as it allows walkthroughs of buildings old and new. Clever computing associates multiple high quality photographs to generate a virtual model of the building or space.

The Matterport Pro 2 camera can be easily controlled with a compatible tablet or mobile phone. By placing the camera within the space at any given spot it will then take a 360° image, it is best to move the camera by about 1.5m at a time for each scan ensuring you have covered the whole of the space. Each scan is numbered which allows the data to be stitched together. Once all the scans are complete the raw data can then be uploaded to the cloud where it is converted to the final file where you can then explore the space in 3D format. The camera also allows you to print high quality photos of the scans.

The beauty of the finished 3D scan is that it enables collaborative working within the office and also when we share it with other consultants and planners, along with some behind the scenes technical benefits as the software allows measurements to be taken and is a good comparison to CAD generated models. It gives you a better feeling of the space and much more detail than a 2D photograph. Our clients have found it useful and have been able to use the final files as a selling point on their website.

Permission Granted for Barn Conversion

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Planning permission has just been granted by Central Bedfordshire Council for the conversion of a modern storage barn into a residential annexe.

Built around 9 years ago, the barn had up until recently been used as a stable and tractor store. The homeowner approached us requesting advice on making a conversion in order to provide safe and secure ancillary accommodation for an elderly relative.

Our design incorporates a split level living room, separate dining area and kitchen, a double bedroom and bathroom. A mezzanine gallery area will be created above the living room for storage. Additional roof lights and bi-fold doors will bring natural light flooding in. However, other architectural alterations to the exterior of the building have been kept to a minimum to maintain the rustic character of the building in the rural setting. A small patio and garden area will also be incorporated.

From Vision to Reality

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

In the ever changing world of technology, architectural CAD software has moved on significantly since the days of the drawing board.

The most current software has revolutionised the way we work. State of the art software forms part of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) system, which allows the sharing of design information between all parties involved in the construction process.

We can work in 2D whilst the software builds the design into a three dimensional (3D) model, giving clients a clearer idea of the design concept.

Here in the office we have gone a step further. By using a 3D printer, we are able to bring to life the 3D model by producing a small scale building model. This gives clients the chance to pick up, turn around and inspect their concept design.

The pictures show how for one client the design concept has become a reality in 3D.