Pre-Application Advice for an Ancillary Dwelling in Brill

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

PCMS has recently been involved in an interesting feasibility process for a homeowner in the picturesque Aylesbury Vale village of Brill. Grafton House is an imposing property occupying a prominent hill top location. The house has a number of brick outbuildings, and the owner would like to bring one of them – currently used as a store – back into use as an ancillary dwelling.

PCMS carried out background research on the store house and its potential, and drafted some outline designs and drawings to submit to Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) for pre-application planning advice. AVDC agreed that if a planning application was submitted, providing it was for a dwelling that was subordinate to the main house, that it would be highly likely to receive planning consent.

Our design detailed a one-bedroom dwelling on two levels, with a ground floor kitchen, bathroom and living area. Large glass double doors would open from the living room onto the stunning views across the vale below. Many of the original architectural features would be retained. The objective is to be true to the building and its original construction, whilst adding harmonising new features to enhance the overall appearance.

The homeowner was thrilled to receive positive pre-application advice: “I now have the information I needed to help me plan ahead. The specialist skills provided by PCMS have enabled me to get the result I wanted, and I am now making progression plans for my property.”